Try a New Club

Have you ever wanted to try a new discipline before joining the club?
Ever wondered how to get started?
These are the clinics for you!!
Running for 2 hours each you'll get the chance to meet current club members and have a go with a specialist coach to assist you

West Coast Cowboys 

10am to 12pm

Indoor Warm Up Arena


A Western Australia based equine club that competes in Extreme Cowboys racing which originated in USA. West Coast Cowboys was the first club to introduce the sport to Western Australia and is the only club of its sport. The word extreme seems to worry some but never fear, we have extreme fun with our horses and the obstacles we have to play with! Cowboys racing is a new and exhilarating sport to WA that allows horse and rider teams to complete a course of obstacles that range in difficulty and divisions, this sport is suited to all riders, young & old. Join us in the Equestra clinic to learn this exhilarating sport and how to work with your horse over our obstacles, we guarantee you'll have a whole lot of fun! 

Brookleigh Working Equitation

12.30pm to 2.30pm

Indoor Warm Up Arena


Brookleigh Working Equitation Club, along with a team of coaches, who specialise in their chosen fields, offer you state of the art facilities and a supportive, safe and fun learning environment for you and your horse.

Brookleigh Working Equitation is a not for profit Club. 

The main focus of Brookleigh Working Equitation Club is on helping you learn the skills required to complete all of the Working Equitation phases including Obstacles (Style & Speed), Dressage & Cattle safely, correctly and accurately.  Ensuring you are supported by our qualified team of coaches and most importantly of all … You and your horse are having FUN! 

All Riding backgrounds welcome and you can ride Bitless, Bosal or Bitted!

Join the Brookleigh Working Equitation Clinic to give this sport a try and have some fun doing it! No previous Working Equitation experience is necessary.